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The Weeknd Revealed How Much Will Get For His Halftime Show (Super Bowl)

You might be shocked to hear that at the 2021 Super Bowl. Believe it or not The Weeknd is not being paid at all for his results!

And on top of that, $7 million was reportedly invested in the performance. By the 30-year-old entertainer, who is performing at the halftime show this year.

The Weeknd told Billboard, “We have always focused on dialing in on the fans at home and making shows a cinematic experience. And we want to do so with the Super Bowl.

The same arrangement was allegedly agreed to by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who played at last year’s halftime show.

“They are willing to perform for free and even subsidize the production costs through their record label or concert promoters because of this incredible exposure,” Marc Ganis, president of consulting firm Sportscorp, told Forbes about JLo and Shakira‘s decision. “Even the biggest names need to continually promote themselves. The Super Bowl halftime show is the single biggest promotional vehicle for a music star on the planet.”

Apparently, Bruno Mars and Beyonce both agreed to the same agreement. With no payment given when they appeared at the halftime show.

In the artist’s Spotify streams, the exposure typically triggers major surges. For eg, Justin Timberlake’s halftime show success saw him have a 214 percent increase in listening to Spotify. Apparently, with a 50 percent spike seen for all halftime acts, Stubhub traffic even jumps after the Super Bowl shows.

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