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Cardi B Talks About ‘Up’ And How New Music Makes Her Feel

Cardi B made statements to Apple Music about her new single and talks about her upcoming album and what she’s been going through on social media.

“I’m good, but I’m very nervous. Oh my gosh. This week has been a really…not a bad week, but a bad week for my nerves. I’ve been waking up early. I haven’t been able to eat, I’ve been like…well, I don’t know. I feel like I get criticized a lot, and scrutinized, so it’s just like everything…everything. I always feel like I’ve got to be super, super, super perfect. I’m a Libra, so everybody’s opinion always counts to me,” Cardi stated of the lead-up to release “Up.”

She then continued, “My last song was very sexual, very sexual, so I always want my next songs to be different than the one before. If a topic on one of my songs is money, the other topic, I want it to be about something else. When I started rapping, when I first put music out, like my mixtape, it was all…this might sound crazy, but I got really inspired of Drill Chicago music. I was young, and I liked that and everything, so my mixtape was very all about gangster violence. If it’s up, then it’s stuck. That’s where I wanted to take it with this record.”


Saying that she reflects the hate written about herself on social media to her music, the star expressed her feelings as follows:

“Lately, every hate that I get on social media, I write it down. I write it down. I write it down. I write it down. Oh, like recently, right? Yesterday, I did a song, right? Every six months, people always want to debate about my race, because people, they don’t really understand the Caribbean islands. They don’t understand the Dominican Republic, nothing. Every six months. Every single time a Hispanic artist is on some some high heat, for some reason, they always bring me up, right? I don’t want to give you a tip of my records. It’s going to go on my album. I’ve got to explain my race every six months, so I put it in my song. Like, my race is Bronx and suck my d-k. That’s what I’m mixed with. That’s my race. Bronx and suck my d-k. I put it in…lately, I’ve been on social media, and every hate sh-t, every positive sh-t, I write it down, and I put it on my record. That’s what I’m doing now.”

“I really wanted to put out an album last year, but it was like, ‘I feel like I don’t have the right songs.’ I have recorded so many songs. I think I’ve got like 50 songs recorded, and I’m just still not satisfied. If I’m not satisfied, I’m just not satisfied, but I really want to put out an album this year,” she said of an upcoming album.

Check out the music video below.

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