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Wentworth Miller Talks About His Career After Saying He’s Done Playing Straight Characters

Wentworth Miller, who came to the fore with his “I’m done with straight characters” release last year, made statements about the roles he will take in the future.

The 48-year-old actor returns to Law & Order as ADA Isaiah Holmes.

According to his interview with ET, Wentworth stated: “I have things in common with Isaiah but we’re not the same person. Obviously, I had things in common with [Prison Break’s] Michael Scofield too. What feels more truthful maybe, more authentic about Isaiah is I don’t have to spend time servicing straightness. Straight relationships. Acting is investigating. For me Mapping new territory. Articulating things I don’t get to articulate in my day-to-day. Mapping straightness, at this point… feels like a dead end. “

When asked about what stories he would like to see and watch in the future, the actor replied:

“Sure. I’d like to tell – to watch – more stories where gay characters are informed by their struggles, but not defined. Not getting sacrificed so straight characters can enjoy some kind of epiphany,” said and added “I don’t think that’s too much to ask. ”

Wentworth Miller continued, “It’s so important queer audiences – queer kids – see stories that don’t center suffering. See us empowered, in positions of authority. Moving through the world with purpose. Confidence. Dignity. It makes it easier to imagine those things are available to us in real life too.”

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