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Snoop Dogg Criticises Cardi B For Being Too Openly Sexual

Snoop Dogg criticized Cardi B for promoting her lady parts. He thinks she should restrain herself, even though he confuses everyone.

The famous rapper, who was considered strange to make this comment about obscenity, recently had a virtual interview with Central Ave. Meanwhile, when it comes to Cardi B’s hit song “WAP“, Snoop stated that he is on a different front.

Snoop Dogg said she should “slow down” while discussing Cardi‘s intimates. He expressed this by stating that a woman’s vagina is something that should be valued and kept secret for anyone lucky enough to meet her. He said he wanted to see more privacy and intimacy and that “WAP” was the opposite (via TMZ)

Of course, after these statements, criticism came along. Many accused the rapper of hypocrisy by recalling his past. However, Snoop said later in the interview that he saw things differently now as he was getting older and would probably jump to “WAP” if he was young.

You can watch this ironic and critical interview below.

Cardi B lately celebrates unexpected success of WAP.

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