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Beyoncé Starred For Her Adidas x IVY PARK Activewear!

39 Year old Beyoncé superstar surprisingly announced second part of her Drip 2 collection fo Adidas x IVY PARK activewear line.

Beyoncé posted two videos on her Instagram account where she reveled her new campaign. At the same day her new cloth line “Drip 2:2 Black Pack” was announced. The videos were in 1980’s style and even the cloths were aerobics-devoted.

New model of Beyrobics captioned “Today we’re going to do Beyrobics to keep you thick and smiling” on one of her Instagram posts. In which she was wearing forest green sports bra from Ivy Park. Queen Bay also rocked a neon green bodysuit, biker shorts, a crop top and leggings. You can check Beyoncé’s wore to work on her “Beyceps.”

In her second videos caption she wrote “BEYROBICS…Grab your weights, Drip 2: Black Pack drops today!” Her fans knows that she loves 80’s and even on her 2003 hit “Crazy In Love” was inspired in 80’s remix, was playing in the background.

The Ivy Park website revealed that the “Drip 2” collection has five color themes: azure, coral lake, honey drip, de-grassy and canari. There are a wide range of pieces, like a knit catsuit, cargo sweatshirt, mesh sleeve bodysuit, cropped suit jacket, SuperSleek 72 shoes, a dark green beanie and circular, crop top.

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